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Radiation Oncology

NMCC is the first and only clinic in the state to offer AccuBoost, a revolutionary new radiation treatment for breast cancer. This non-invasive procedure offers women with early stage breast cancer the chance the treat the cancer and save the breast in a simple, outpatient treatment. Radiation is delivered parallel to the chest wall, sparing unintentional heart and lung exposure and offering lower skin dose and skin toxicity and less exposure to healthy tissue for better cosmetic outcomes. View a recent news story on this procedure here

Radiation oncology, also known as radiation therapy, uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells. It is part of a multidisciplinary approach that is curing more types of cancer.

New Mexico Cancer Center uses cutting-edge radiation equipment that delivers the finest and most precise treatments available in the state. Specially trained radiation oncologists and radiation therapists tailor each patient’s treatment to give the best chance of success.

Diagnostic imaging is integrated with the selected radiation treatment equipment and a linear accelerator to provide state-of-the-art therapy. We continue to invest in the latest technology, such as RapidArc™, to improve our patients’ results, reduce their side effects and improve their quality of life.

New Mexico Cancer Center offers:

RapidArc™ Radiotherapy – NMCC is the first in New Mexico to offer this new therapy, which is a volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) that delivers the radiation dose to the entire tumor in one arc, rather than slice by slice. RapidArc improves on existing techniques such as TomoTherapy®, by delivering extremely precise treatment to the tumor in less than two minutes, with less discomfort and fewer side effects for many patients.

IGRT (image-guided radiation therapy) – This therapy consists of daily imaging while the patient is in the treatment position, just prior to treatment. IGRT allows delivery of radiation treatment pinpointed to the exact location of the tumor.

IMRT (intensity-modulated radiation therapy) – This therapy allows radiation to be “shaped” to the tumor and minimize radiation to normal tissues. The use of IMRT allows increased curative doses of radiation to be delivered while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue.

SBRT (stereotactic body radiotherapy) – This therapy is used to target small tumors in the lung, liver, spine and brain. Because of the small size of the tumors and ultra-precise localization, extremely high doses of radiation can be delivered in three to five treatments. SBRT is leading to cures in inoperable, early-stage lung cancer as well as excellent control of other tumors.

SRS (stereotactic radiosurgery) – This therapy is used for brain disorders and delivers one high dose of radiation in a single session. Focused radiation beams target metastatic and primary tumors in the brain with a high level of success.

MammoSite® Therapy – This therapy places the radiation source inside the breast lumpectomy cavity (the space left when a tumor is removed). MammoSite delivers radiation to the area where the cancer is most likely to recur in less time. Treatment lasts just five days, compared to normal radiation therapy, which lasts five to seven weeks