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Medical Oncology

Medical oncology is the specialty of internal medicine that deals with the diagnosis and, more specifically, the management of the treatment of cancer. At New Mexico Cancer Center, the medical oncologists are responsible for managing the overall treatment of a patient’s cancer. These doctors work with the patient to decide treatment, choosing the appropriate chemotherapy drugs and dosages that will best fight the disease. They also work with radiation oncologists on staff to coordinate the use of radiation therapy as an additional tool in treating the cancer.

Chemotherapy Infusion Center

Patients are administered chemotherapy – both standard and high-dose chemotherapy with autologous stem cell rescue – in a 30-chair Chemotherapy Infusion Center that features breathtaking views of the Sandia Mountains. Nurses monitor each patient closely as he or she receives treatment. Non-chemotherapy drugs are also administered to patients who need antibiotics, intravenous fluids or supportive care medications. Additionally, rheumatology patients receive care in the Infusion Center. All drugs are mixed on-site by highly trained technicians.

Hematology Services

New Mexico Cancer Center also treats benign and malignant diseases of the blood and blood-forming tissues. Bone marrow services are available; bone marrow biopsies are done in the office. The Cancer Center is a recognized site for the National Marrow Donor Program.